News Blues

Hey folks.
Sorry for not exactly updating this regularly. Even though news have piled up lately. Plus, it’s really a lot nicer to actually take some time to write this than be
all „check out our shit, dudes“ about it.
So, first of all, we‘d like to express our thanks to Twisted Chords-Tobi, who’s been letting us be a part of his label tour during the last couple of weeks.
Tobi and all the promoters who took part in this have done great jobs and we got to play with wonderful bands such as Red Tape Parade and Balboa Burnout
which truly proved to be a perfect fit for us.

In the meantime of quite a few weekends on the road, we‘ve also managed to attend the rehearsal space a little more frequently than before. Our regained motivation has made
us come up with 8 (eight!) new songs. So far we have the Good Riddance-song, the Dead to Me-song, the Comadre-song, the Bouncing Souls-song and the Turbostaat-song,
for instance. This obviously means a slight skid towards more melody and moderate tempo. Let’s see what happens, right there.
Anyway, if we should keep up the pace, we‘ll probably record a full length sometime in late 2011. A proper full length, with like more than 14 minutes
of music. Seriously?

Well, and then there’s a little announcement we have wanted to make a couple of times within the last few years, but never really managed to do so:
We‘re coming back to Russia, Ukraine and Latvia this year. France’s „No Guts No Glory“ asked us to join them on their Eastern Europe Tour in July and we agreed. Thus, this time
it is likely to actually happen.

Also, we‘ll be touring GB some time in August, so if there’s anybody out there who wants to give us a hand with booking a show, please don‘t hesitate to let us know.
A list of other bands and places we‘d almost agreed to tour with and at this year has about 20 names on it. Most of it is hardly realistic because of too little time on our hands, unfortunately.

Oh yeah, and please remember not to write us on myspace anymore, that shit is seriously dead and gone. We don‘t even put up any newly confirmed shows on the profile
anymore, since it’s such a major pain in the ass. Yet, there are a bunch of shows we‘ll play in May and a lot more to come in summer, so please stay tuned.

Right, see you all soon.


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  1. 1 Freden 05. Mai 2011 um 12:41 Uhr

    Alla, Bouncing Souls, Dead To Me, Turbostaat-Songs?
    Ihr seid solche hei├če Reifen!

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