The call

Our hearts and heads are as empty
As our pockets and panties are full
We’re generous in the land of plenty
Where promises are void and null

Of course, the call don’t have to be
Subliminal at all
“What you eat is what you are”
Ain’t no subtle metaphor

If you say you can’t buy luck
You don’t know how to shop

Learn from the shoplifters
Only Buying is unsuspicious
If you sell your soul to buy prestige
Thieves are held in high esteem

I’ll never be alone
With my cell phone on
The more things I have
the more it proves I live


I perceive myself as a disease
As a spawn of arrogance and greed
I like to strike poses with a crown
I’m the most fucked up hypocrite around

I’m the reason for bad weather
And forecast ain’t any better
I hope present will last forever

The only child that I have planned
Will be a fun time accident
I refuse to reproduce
If we’re going to the dogs anyway
I could adopt a stray today
And we sure do go anyway

I put myself under quarantine
Passivity is the vaccine

There’s no cure of me available
That isn’t more cynical
That I could ever be

May we have a really good time
And not leave anyone behind

Ignorance of scientific interest

Clap along, sing along
Dumbing down to the sound
There’s gotta be a hidden cam around
Make your day, Swing and sway,
No challenge but activity
I guess somebody’s making fun of me

Knee-slappers for the masses
Sitting on and laughing off their asses
Seems to be too deep for me
It’s so lowbrow I can’t believe

Colorful Material, material
And fireworks spectacles
It’s like an Idiocracy sequel
Surrounded by idiots
Pompous plumps, grinning dicks
And unintentionally funny pricks

Just a few things know no bounds
And human ignorance is one
If Einstein would be alive today
He would turn over in his grave

It’s fascinating and it’s frightening
Just like a car accident


Ain‘t no glam at 8 am
but here we go again
Clock in and simper
by the push of a button
One third for work
One third for rest
and one third left
to spend the cash
when I think about tomorrow…
- The „Thank you! Come again!“ horror -
I‘m getting collywobbles
We‘re human service-zombie-robots”

Working time is lifetime
What do we give? What do we earn?
Working time is lifetime
It’s our turn to make it worth


You don‘t even ask what it’s about
you just assume „that’s how it goes!“
It’s a shitty job no one has to do
you hassle me to serve your ego
It’s not service it’s just shit
a lame extension of your dick
this compensation makes me sick
but the uniform looks chic…

You‘re licensed to – deal out fuckin‘ blows
And you’re unfuckwithable

It can‘t be for the cash. But for the cool club you get
I guess you stick it up your ass
Perfidy got many faces but none is as ugly as
the silly mask of righteousness

I am pissed off and amused
about your way to abuse
your touch of authority
for cheap chicanery


The concept of society
is based on dissociation
A concept of an enemy
Strengthens the cohesion
Let’s say this simple principle
Could be outsmarted easily
By wilful deception
And distraction
It doesn’t bear thinking about the options of control
It doesn’t bear thinking about it

It’s so clear I can’t see
The woods for the trees
This must be either a market niche
Or the fuck naive

A look in history
shows it’s proven successfully

Division instead of

Maybe there are still some jobs
Vacant for demagogues,
Intellectual incendiaries
Managers or for me

Me and the pistkit

The acceptance of bans
doesn‘t mean that you can‘t
do it all anyway
rules don‘t define possibilities
Who are the shoplifters, file sharers, fare dodgers,
deniers of the assigned roles?
you are friends in mind, you keep the doubt alive
like a suspicious sound at night
In face of implicitnesses
satire is a duty
civil disobedience
and disturbance are amusement

Defiant for defiances sake – me and the pistkit
If they want oil we bring ‚em sand – me and the pistkit

Yeah, you tend to exaggerations
I confess you‘re my inspiration
I know you don‘t like the word –
the word and it’s abusal
But I‘m pretty sure
you‘ve got a tendency
to anarchy


Messed around with the sharks
They‘ve got you by the balls
Should I nod or should I fall?
Got you by the balls

Dark deeds done with my silent consent
and I hazard the consequence
If the grey men decide to change the plans,
who‘ll be on the bright side in the end?

I hate the minds of the hands I shake
They make me an accessory, I am blackmailed
They fear the rage, they are armed to the teeth
treated like benefactors and act like thieves
Sure I depend on evil forces
but it pays to bet on the winning horses

Dark deeds done with my silent consent
and I hazard the conesquences

The youngblooded

Boy, think about your future
and work on your career.
Quit your lifestyle ’cause you won‘t get far
get a wife and buy a car.
I‘m not fucking jealous of
your building loan contract
Your lifetime is detailly planned
from today ’til your end.

I will never grow up!
This plan is what i‘ve got
and I‘m gonna keep it up!
I will never grow up!
It’s not ingenious but
I refuse to give it up!

You can‘t grow up fast enough
to do boring adult stuff.
You deny ideals we once shared
or you just don‘t care!
I wanna stay enthusiastic
and keep my curiosity,
never take myself too serious
I‘ll keep my inner smile! Smile!

Look at the guys of your age.
Look what they have achieved… achieved already!

Tonight I put my favourite bandshirt on
and I tie my shoes for a Hardcore-show!
I steal a bike and pick up my friends,
spray my tags at the walls and run as fast as I can
I‘m still the same and my fist is raised!
This is not a phase!