September 2010:

„Tackleberry“ 7′‘ (Twisted Chords records)

The Call


May 2009:

Split 7′‘ w/Smoke Blow (PIAS records) SOLD OUT!!!

Ignorance of scientific interest

April 2009:

„Reinventing appetite for destruction“ (Zeitstrafe records)

Ain\'t no glam at 8am


Group sociology, lesson one

January 2008:

„Call Me Green“ LP/CD (zeitstrafe)

Me and the pistkit


July/August 2006:

Split-CD with THE FORCE WITHIN (good boys records) SOLD OUT!!!

The youngblooded

April 2006:

Split-CD with CUT ‚N RUN (karma mira records) SOLD OUT!!!

October 2004:

„The Losers Win It All Someday“ Demo SOLD OUT!!!

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